(Peace in the darkness)

Divided by destiny
Torn between death and doom
Destruction by decision
Fate shows me my open tomb

They say hate kills the heart
burns the soul
and lashes the skin.
But what do they say of those
whose hate spawns ecstasy?
A maddening bliss
smiling through the bladed jaws that bleed the flesh ripped apart by ferine desires

Che la pace sia con voi.
Yet my peace lie in pieces
Rapture from the rupture of my pneuma
A heartbeat from the still night
Euphoria lost in heaven
and a lone pup found shivering in its place

And they say that’s just the talk of the devil
That the sun smiles by the day
While the moon kisses by the night;
Clear skies mark the precipice of a clear mind
A joyful heart

Yet I say let the storm scream.
Gather his brothers,
The grey lake
The noisy spook
The rapid mute
Let him send his children upon me,
blanketing my flesh
conquering my attire.
They'll scream kamikaze upon each explosion
I shall yell revelation upon each explosion
Every bitterness of the tongue
Every burning of the eye
Every stinging of the cheek
Let the heavens hear me scream,

And let the barrage drop like meteors
Until the pits come into my periphery by way of the craters
Surround me my brothers,
The cracks
The crevices
The fissures
Even my feared companion the tidal wave shall make her appearance.
Sweep me into that still night
Drown out the noise
Crush me into those depths so black
So black that not even light cast from it can find light
And once I've reached the dirt, let the snakes latch on whilst the spiders tug
for I am inescapable.
Forever beside a shadow
Wicked grin
Leeched skin
Pale faced
And a lovely hymn.

I'll love you always
I'll love you forevermore
Your heart in my grace
No matter what life has bore

Be it a friend or a lover
A sin or a brother
A child or a mother
I'll be here like no other


All is black…All is bright
All is hell…And all is tight

As death nears
And your ribs stab at your heart
As your lungs collapse red tears
And your chains rip you apart

I'll be here
Singing as you plead
for your lord, for your savior
For the thing that is me.


The End

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