This was a continuation of a continuation and as strange as it sounds, it's rather true.
First and then second and then the last two.

It's a grand thing to be in love, very inspiring but you gotta keep on your toes until you just know.

Some people die for something so pure, 
For a common disease it is the only cure, 
The reason why is not at all tragic, 
Because love is closest thing we have to magic... 

Some search the world for a thing most rare, 
We don't see it but we're sure it's there, 
A small piece of heaven from high above, 
A precious jewel known as love. 

Make the world brighter, 
Makes burdens lighter, 
Makes the blind see, 
How wonderful the world can be, 

No words can explain it, 
No one contain it, 
The gift none can see, 
Yet larger than the sea.

The End

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