That ethereal shadow haunts me still as before,
Looming over my shoulder.
That red-eyed beast follows from shore to shore.

His face is not one but three,
His face hidden from sight,
His face of madness and his face of me.

His icy touch is forever there,
His shadowy breath,
His dark misty hair.

His voice is but a whisper;
A thousand screaming souls in my head.
He tortures them with his venomous cur.

I am a fragment without him,
Looking into the maw of hell,
Numb in every limb.

He dares me to jump in
To the black inferno.
He whispers his dark nothing to urge me to sin.

Her luminous spirit shields my
Body, protects me from him.
She won’t let me die.

I can still hear the laughter of that clown,
I lie in bed awake at night;
In all my dream I drown.

The End

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