Kocham Cie

I love you so much,

I love you so deep,

When I see you,

My heart takes a leap.


It seems so long ago,

So far away,

Our first kiss,

I remember the day.


We were inexperienced,

We were young,

On this moment,

Our fragile hearts hung.


We’ve come a distance,

Since that day.

Yet in my mind,

Its continual replay.


We have cried,

We have fought.

But we’ve found love,

That which we sought.


We’ve come through thick,

We’ve come through thin.

Yet I love you,

More now than to begin.


How is it possible?

This love to feel?

When from my chest,

My heart you steal.


I love you

Je t’adore

Kocham cie <3 

The End

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