My sister taught

Me knots, she show-

-ed me how to

Tie them.

I messed

Up, made


But she

Was patient,

She would

Just Teach

Me again.

And then her smiles started

To fall, plummet, the twinkling stars

In her eyes leaving, only dark storm

Clouds left behind. A laugh like water lilies just

Disappeared, and a blue-and-charcoal-grey voice was

Abandoned, forgotten in the clattering rain. But still those nimble

(weak) fingers tied knots for me, showed me ones for sailing and

Ones to use when I was nervous, to tie and untie them as a method of

Calming myself down. So I sleep in twined ropes, rare smiles

Shared in the darkness of a closet. I let my eyes see, fingers

Twitching as they tie imaginary


The End

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