knock twice and hear me ring silver

welcome to my hollow days.

fits of blind emotion, 
i am empty - 


with my lungs rasping in my chest, 
i am no longer human, 
i am something horrible

i disassociate with a foolish notion, 
eyes blinking blue behind closed eyelids

swinging my arms around the cat, 
i lift her and deposit her on my sister's bed - 
the Make-Up Criminal throws me a look of disdain.

i do not understand,
cannot comprehend

what have i done wrong?
i wanted to make her happy

so i leave robotically, 
stiff and auto-pilot driven

there is nothing of myself left
just hollow, like a chocolate bunny
that disappoints a child by not being solid

but i guess i'll be here
where everything itches at me
and my fingers twitch at the screen

The End

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