Here I lie in a wooden cage

with all the eyes boring into me.

Some weeping over me,

Some stealing their eyes from me.

I used to be a great warrior,

People used to shiver at my sight.

Now I am shivering because of these people,

As they raise me out of their sights.

These people are shutting me down,

Dressed I am a royal gown.

Darkness in me,darkness all around me,

My lone friend with whom I shall live.

My brave deed,My glorious  victory,

Did I performed those for my history.

Now I lie here decaying,

waiting to be judged for my sayings.

Then, what is the difference between me and a slave?

Did'nt we both share our destiny in same phase?

Oh! creator what have you done to me?

What is now left in me to see?

The End

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