Kings And Presidents

It's about how, throughout history, we have given support to tyrants to achieve a false sense of stability and peace in the world

Kiss the crowd with submachine guns and drink the blood

And laugh at the ruins when the deed is done

A great power rising above the sun

The ashes of traitors scattered with wind and the mud


Bought in on a wave of populous adoration

Sweep away the relics of thrones and the old world

Break the crown and a warrior to lead the nation

The king’s banners withdrawn and the warrior’s unfurled


The history pages of kings and presidents stained with blood

And show the world the price they’ll have to pay

Keep away the forces of god with a demon

Let the tyrant live or let the demons overrun


A tyrant’s love, it’s an easy choice to make

Between sadistic stability or a godly inferno

Build an army for the pharaoh to suppress terror

People harvested by a reaper and the blood’s sown


I’m the price you pay to hold back the tide

Nothing exists and nobody lives for free

Drown out dissent, silence voices of the other side

Without me, there’s nothing left but anarchy



The End

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