King They Say

Just how i feel of the judgments people place on others and myself, as their word rules over all

King They Say

I’m so sick of this hypocrisy,

How many lepers can there be in society?

Around they’ll walk with their gables and judge,

And around them I’ll walk hiding my inner grudge.

The jury was hung, but the judge felt the ground.

“Guilty, guilty, guilty,” he roared without thought.

His hair piece soon became a lion’s mane,

Clearly this beast could not be tamed.

This was an animal that pounced on his prey with razor sharp claws.

Here he felt a king, clenching heads in his jaw.

With rage I shouted, “You can’t judge me!

I already judge myself harshly!”

And out of my pocket, a mirror I gave him,

Every now and again use this, I advised him.

Everything in the room vanished, and the judge stared

In the mirror, he saw friends, family, and strangers there.

It seems though, no matter how hard you watch with your eyes,

They will continue to lie,

Deceive and make you believe.

He still felt a king with his kingdom together,

No longer the king of this concrete jungle,

But King of the Lepers.

His kingdom never to be together.

The End

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