Killing Spiders

When I stray from my room, to their doom the spiders may endeavor 

To rescue their comrade, they're mad! from fate of scar and sever. 

Tiptoeing their tender feet, they fleet through uncharted ground.

They'll find their luck to be run out, no doubt - their lifeless friend is found.

The media circus will arrive, dive in on silky thread,

Magnify the situation and so, my woe, the news is spread.

'Twill be described as awful, unlawful by those in view

We will see it scribed as awful, unlawful by those in the news.

And I will live my life without a worry in the world

No knowledge of the chaos that my shoe that day unfurled.

For families and comradeships that spiders may enjoy

Displease me so that I'm content to find, kill and destroy.

The End

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