Killing My Feelings For You

I won’t talk to you again for awhile,
You won’t get to see my secret smile
You won’t continue to have my affection
My feelings for you are a raging infection

So I’ll hunt them down, every last one
I know it won’t be very much fun
I’ll find and catch my feelings for you
When I catch them I know what I have to do

I will starve them, they will not feed
I’ll hack them to pieces while I bleed
I’ll light a bonfire and burn my insides
Killing every feeling that tried to hide.

My insides are charred and aching
My hands are sweating and shaking
The tears threaten to spill on my bed
But I’ll strangle the grief till it’s dead.

I get up and take a deep breath
My insides are wrecked by death
I’ve killed my feelings for you
Now what do I do?

The End

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