Killing Me Softly

I'm lost
No longer do I know where I am

I stand in my mind and I'm lost.

I look each way and I don't know where to turn
I don't know where's safe
Because nowhere is safe.

And I'm lost, here, in the middle of my fantasy.

The fantasy where it's my world to control
Where I chose who goes, what goes
But I can't control it any more
Will you take control? 

Because I'm lost, so lost and it's making me scared

And these words in a text box can't help me at all
They don't help like I thought they would
I came here looking for somewhere
Somewhere to vent and cry
But I can't

So here I'm still lost and here I'm alone, and here I don't know where to go

And you can't help like this fantasy can't help and I wish it would
I was I could slip into a beautiful dream where the world is mine
But I can't have a world for I'm not worth the space
And I can't deal with anything out of place
And I can't deal with this
I can't deal with you

And still I'm alone but I'm thinking of you
As I fight back the tears which I can't well subdue
And night eats my soul as, awake here I lie
And think ever more, why it is that I try.. 

The End

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