Kiddy Love

A love poem I wrote for a specail someone

i have love for a girl who might as well just be a phantom
and I already know that she's a criminal the way she holds my heart for ransom
and when she speaks its as if I'm hearing heavens anthym 
so now I'm hoping to have my love revealed at random

I'm leaving clues behind like the bad guy's from scooby doo
In the hopes that i'll discover a feeling thats truly new
Aware that my experiences in this world are truly few 
but still I remain comitted like I was Pepe la Pew

but this girl is like the road runner she'll always get away
but i'll strap myself to an acme rocket to keep up in the race
and though the products may be faulty and blow up in my face
I'll still draw up new blue prints cause i'm in love with the chase

Like Buzz Lightyear I'll travel to infinity and beyond
bring the stars back down to earth and make them a bracelet for your arm
And i can be your iron giant and protect your world from harm
or like tuxedo mask i'll captivate you with my charm

Like Mariio I'll travel galaxie's just to see my princess peach 
because no matter where you go my love is never out of reach
and just in case your not impressed by poetic speech
well... I don't really have a back up so this better sweep you of your feet

Girl I would pursue you more fiercly then Tom persues Jerry
and wish upon Aladins lamp that some day we get married
and just incase the message in these words doesn't carry
I think were a great match but your opinion may vary.

The End

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