Kid Genius, Teenage Idiot

A poem by one of the many teenagers praised for their intelligence in elementary and middle school and then tossed aside in high school.

  1. They told me I was a genius

    Way back when I was young

    They said I could do anything

    Without even trying

    So I never did

    I floated through life

    Smart as a whip

    And then high school hit

    Now I can’t do anything

    Without breaking down in tears

    If I don’t get it right the first time

    They ask me why I can’t seem to

    Do anything right anymore

    I try to explain

    This is what you taught me

    This is what I believed

    I thought I was special

    And now I’m just stressed

    I’m sad

    I’m depressed

    And you wonder why

    It’s because

    Going from 

    A kid genius

    To a teenage idiot

    Is hard

The End

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