Don't you think its normal,

To skip a meal or two,

I mean I'm not saying I don't eat,

But all my friends they do it too.



Sometimes I miss breakfast,

If I get up far too late,

Theres really no time have it,

Its been ten hours since I ate.



I can easily miss lunchtime,

It just takes practice you see,

I fill my stomache with water,

And so i don't get too hungry.



Dinner can be harder,

My parents tend to question,

So I wait til no-ones watching,

And throw up what I've eaten.



I've heard if your a smoker,

You don't eat half as much,

Perhaps I should try it,

Get my weight down a touch.



My little sister's chubby,

Boys bully her at school,

I just want their attention,

So when I walk past they drool.



When I look into the mirror,

I'm not happy with what I see,

 I need to lose a few more pounds,

To look like the models in magazines.




Not really my addiction as such, but an old friend of mine was hospitalised recently due to anorexia. She is 19 and was 6 1/2 stone. When I went to visit her she told me (somewhat proudly) how she managed to hide it from everyone, using the above techniques, and why she felt the compulsion to be thin.

The End

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