Keep to the Paths

Basically I wrote a song and recorded it, then I made the song into a poem as well. So here it is :')
Oh, and due to concerns expressed about the lyrics, I must stress that this is persona writing, it's not about personal experience. (:

I don't want to be so easy
And give in to your lies,
But I put my heart into trusting you
And entrusted you with my life,
So don't tell me it's over,
I will cry and curse the skies,
Because I put my soul into loving you
And I sold it to your eyes.

Don't play me like a vinyl,
Don't lament me like a curse,
Don't dance me like a puppet, 
Don't walk over me like the earth,
Because I put my life into missing you,
And I missed you all my days,
No polygraph can make love true,
And no poise replaces grace.

So, I'll cry a river and float right down it,
While pondering the skies,
I lost a love and I never found it,
Now I'll live behind your eyes,
Seeing the world in your black and blue,
And feeling the madness behind the mask,
History is something you can't undo,
And you can't photoshop the past,

So I'll build a bridge and cry beneath it,
And my tears will clean my face,
I’ll waste my love away and bleed it,
Because you can't be replaced,
Walk on my grave and give me shivers,
When I've been relegated to the past,
When karma, fate and truth deliver,
You'll be keeping to the paths.

The End

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