Keep on going

What are humans without emotions?



why would these entities submit themselves

to past ghosts.

Whispering with hoarse voices into tormented ears.



weight themselves with rocks of others taunts,

portraying infinite glassy eyes of





Wrinkles in young faces, scratched prematurely by hardship.



It's the breath-taking splitting and fracturing of lightening

between a seamless, stormy sea and sky.


It's the streaming light piercing morning's breath

warming weary eyes.

encouraging inspiration.


It's the solid ground beneath weak knees,

which meet when ripples in life's flow appear.


This is why we endure,

why we feel,

why hope is a constant companion.



why look down in desperation

when a lonely tree's fruit falls to the devouring ground,

to rot away...

when that rotting fruit will pave the way for additional fruit trees to sprout

from the enriched soil.

The End

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