Keep Moving

Gazing ever over distant seas, 

Through this infernal breathless square, 

Ever wishing by your side I be, 

For soon the light of day will be scarce. 


And yet I in fact regret nothing, 

As I have kept you yet alive, 

So vanquish your pitiful self loathing, 

For I chose to do this thing to give and save a life. 


So in letters to come, 

Tell me instead of your days, 

that you disposed of the gun, 

And have found better ways. 


Though I be here in Darkness, 

You search for light, 

Yes, Sow Reap and Harvest, 

For your future is still bright. 


You'll make mistakes a many, 

But don't ever stay down, 

For we all fall and then plenty, 

Yet we aren't fixed to the ground. 


Stay humble always, 

Strive for great things, 

Don't forget the rough days, 

Get used to the sting. 


I listen ever onward, 

Of your deeds and endeavors, 

So keep moving forward, 

And remember...  

My Love Is Forever... 

By Keo

The End

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