K.D. Jensen

Hope. Faith. Love.

A foundation of belief.

How can the greatest of these be love,

If it is love that causes true grief?

Hope of finding a love so true,

A love binding my soul to you.


Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.

Eyes locked as hearts beat through chest;

Star-crossed lovers that were never meant to be.

Addicted to the appearance of emotions divine,

A dream that I thought would never be mine.

Forever I’ve been lost - I was yours to find.


Like the warm breeze on a summer’s eve,

Walking with the tepid sand swallowing your feet,

Gazing into glistening sapphire, I am at ease.

Instantly I fell in love with the mellifluous murmur

Of lapping ocean tides that is his laugh;

A treasure on an island of despair.


How did we ever get this far entwined,

To the point you could never be left behind?

You’re my protector, my guardian angel.

Unlike me - a selfish, fallen angel.

You breathe, “I will never leave.”

Buoyancy, loyalty, and rapture consume me.


I was a porcelain doll on a collector’s shelf,

The dust reminding me I am forgotten.

He restored me, and I was new again.

He saw value in me, what he and I could be;

Experiencing the world, all there is to see.

He covets a queen; he cultivates me


Cherishing the girl he hopes to make his wife,

He remains the calm in the stormy chaos of life;

The eye of the hurricane, oblivious to all else...

Except me... And this is what it all means;

The foundation of eternal peace:

Hope. Faith. Love. From you, to me.

The End

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