Kelly Wilson

Katie ran into the fog that night,
And I had no choice but follow
I ran right behind her in the park,
And he caught us in a hollow

She fell down, I tripped over her;
He caught us on the ground.
He didn't know he sliced two of us
'Cause we never made a sound

I saw him carry her away with him,
While he left me bleeding and alone
I would follow the spirit of my twin
To make her murderer atone

My identical twin would lead me
To where her poor dead body lay
Her spirit stayed here to guide me
And take her remains away.

I used my  shirt to bind my wounds
And stumbled  through the dark
Katie's spirit whispered Kelly, Kelly,
As she led me through the park 

She led me through the streets
To the house where her body lay
I hid in a bush till he came out,
and I made the monster pay.

The End

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