This was written for my love on Valentines Day.

Love’s enchantment rises from you,

Fragrant as the mist from angels breath.

Grace adorns you,

The shimmering radiance of thine heart’s true beat.

Voiceless, thou callest forth the gentle names of passion,

As handmaidens they attend your soul.


Your gaze unbinds the spell forlornly cast,

Weaved from magic, erasing memories captive held.

The world majestic knows the song thine eyes do sing,

Enraptured of you, I can sing no less.

Life doth know itself within me,

When thine touch doth call it forth.


Softly now my tongue betrays my heart,

Groping blindly, a poverty of words laid waste

By expression unfulfilled.

Yet all I am knows the name,

Of beauty’s only child.


The End

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