Karma BabyMature

Cheers me up.

I think its funny,
When you’re all high and mighty,
Looking down on us all.
Glamorizing your life,
Like its a masquerade ball.
Like everyone is just there to amuse you,
Jesters, jokers and clowns,
They all have to be beneath you,
Face paint over frowns.

You just can’t see it can you?
That the world isn’t at your feet,
You’re nothing more than me,
Just with a bit more deceit.

You’re a lying, cheating, hypocrite bitch.
Your the puss of society,
And a ceaseless itch.

I know you’re saying something,
But all I can hear is ‘whore’,
Just lie down again,
And keep giving more.

Can you actually not see yourself?
How disgusting it is what you did?
Now you’re rubbing it in like its a good thing?
No you can’t empathize, heaven forbid!

I think its funny,
When you’re looking down on us all,
Because thanks to Karma:
You will fall.

The End

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