Lush was the grass,
And young were the trees,
Happy were the squirrels,
And buzzing were the bees.

The cool breeze whistled,
The birds all sang,
Then harmony was crushed,
By a horrid loud bang.

A mechanical monster,
Emerging with man,
Some creatures hid,
And some creatures ran.

The animals all fled,
Scared by the noise,
But laughing were the men,
As if playing with toys.

The trees were destroyed,
The grass was broken,
The creatures were gone,
And the wind lay unspoken.

The land sat in ruin,
But not for long,
Soon buildings appeared,
And cars came along.

Construction continued,
The buildings became tall,
And a sign nearby read:
Welcome to the mall.

All was going well,
Like the owner had dreamed,
He was happy and rich,
Until nature intervened.

The building began shaking,
The ground began to crack,
This wasn't coincidence,
This was payback.

The building collapsed,
With many inside,
They tried to run,
And failed to hide.

The people were punished,
For their needless sins,
But now they all realise,
That nature always wins.

The End

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