Lastnights dream

The night is young, and all love is lost

The leaf-less trees stand tall

and they stand full of life, yet they're all so dark

I open my eyes from a blink

to find myself alone under the moonlit sky

but this cant be real

I say to myself as I fall to my back

gracefully falling into the arms

of a comforting dark spirit

first I see blood, and then the sky goes black

I feel true love

As she murders me

I wake up in a house, where we're all partying

It must have been a dream

But the scars are real

so I flaunt the wounds

and she appears yet again

under the impression that shes with me

all my friends wonder why

I instantly break down and cry

She sees the pain she's brung

so she carries on

In tears I turn seeking sympathy

to my suprise

I'm in a room full of women

with hearts that I've broken




The End

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