Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho is Hindi for 'Tomorrow might never be'

What if tomorrow never comes for you?
What would you do if you really knew...
all the horrors that would be left behind for all to see?
All the gruesome truths that would be revealed concerning that vapid thing 
You have called your life
Which you tried so very hard to conceal from the world, 
The pretence you have, for so long, clothed in frills and nifty suits 
Much to the detriment of the real you - rotting away at the core, 
Drowning in the filth of regret, greed, envy, self piety, and hatred
Beyond the help of anyone or any device you could employ to make things right. 
What then? 
What of those fiendish schemes you were planning to execute; 
Just another means to the end of self aggrandizement? 
Could you bear to know the shame it would bring
To those who trusted you to do the right and honourable thing?
Or are you really that far gone... 

The End

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