Did you know that there was a thief
who was injured during a robbery
and filed a complaint against it?
And he won. Oh, he won
and received a large sum of money, too.

That's justice, alright - 
plain and clear. 

Did you know that there was a man
who was wrongly convicted of rape
and sent to prison for 17 years?
And just because she was female
no one ever believed him.

That's justice, alright - 
good and clean.

Did you know that there was a male
who was rich, and killed a little girl
and he was cleared of charges?
And just because he had good lawyers,
he was certified 'temporarily insane'.

That's justice, alright - 
properly done.

Do you know that there will be someone
who wrongs you or your family
and they will get away with it?
Just because the court says it's done
and they got what the deserve.

That's justice, alright - 
without a doubt.

The End

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