About The Theme "The Many Incarnations Of Eve's Spirit"

"Just You" is now available for purchase on Amazon as an E Book. This literary work is a must have for all the people who are romantics at heart...This work continues in the theme "The Many Incarnations Of Eve's Spirit". Great narration and overall a pretty good read!

My theme "The Many Incarnations Of Eve's Spirit" is an original concept that I invented to illustrate the journey of falling in and out of belief of a  soul mate being out there while still somehow still being withing the journey.

This work embodies a lot of passion, pain, misery, happiness and more. This work will speaks to people of various audiences. No matter is you are a romantic, pessimist, someone that just doesn't give a damn, a user, average, Joe, or Jane, a whore, a misanthrope, or any shade of beautiful misfit in between there is something that will speak to you in this themed collection of narrative poetry and prose.

When I created this collection I experienced things int eh moment with people that was indescribable. I felt things that I did not think were possible. In life you often have to pay as you go and nothing is promised. So I learned that when something special to you goes away it is not so much as the person, but in my experience as an artist it's just that enigma in the moment doing what it is in its nature to do.

An enigma that is nomadic and it gives all it has while it is there. When it is gone if you can find appreciation in what the experience unearthed inside of you you are wealthier for it.

That is what this work puts its best foot forward in contributing to you. Here are some more narrative poetry & prose titles within the same aforementioned theme.

  1. "Just You"
  2. "Angie"
  3. "Deborah"
  4. "A Muse's Broken Heart"
  5. "Life Without Eve"
  6. "Mrs. Yelverton"
  7. "Good Girl Gone Bad"
  8. "Always & Never"

Of course there are more that are scattered across the four volumes of anthologies that I have written. I invite you to join me on Face book, but you are always welcome to be proactive in your support by going to amazon through one of the provided links and making a purchase.

Thanks for your time.

The End

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