Just To SummeriseMature

I am rewinding.

I am collapsing.

A falling tower.

A towering disaster.

I am in my grave.

I have finally ended my life long crave.

My life has no repeat button.

I hold my deletion.

I will never reach full completion.

I have no remorse.

I will not consent to regret what you deem is something that might up set.

I do not need company, I am my own friend.

Very tempted to cut all cords.

Snip, slit, bitten like a vampire.

Blood flows as I lie alone.


Never becoming old.

I shall die with no story to be told.

It shall not be written on a future ancient scroll.

Just to summerise, my plans to end my life.

Have peaked and reached a very leapable creek....

The End

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