Just to Know I'm AliveMature

Im dying. I dont know

That I am still here. The

Only way to be sure?

Another empty smile.

She goes to the bathroom.

Pulls off her sweatshirt,

Shes numb,

She needs to feel.

Needs a release.

She pulls out her fathers knife.

She needs to see and feel something

Real. She slides the knife along her

Skin and she pretends like nothing is wrong.

She exhales deeply seeing

Her own blood raise to the

Surface and spill out racing one

Another. She feels free as

Her blood drips down her arm.

She feels accomplished by the

Work she has done and thats fine. She knows shes alive as she feels

The pain her own hands have caused.

She goes again and again and

At this point it feels like there is no stopping her. She cant force herself

To stop shes got it down to a rythem.

The pain is like a melody

The blood drops are her notes

She feels crazy and misunderstood

Alone and cold she shakes on the floor. By the time shes finnished theres no where left to mark.

Her arms covered and her legs

As well shes embarassed and feels

Hideous. She feels stupid because shed done it for all the wrong reasons.

She puts her feelings aside and

Wipes away her tears honestly they'll do no good now. They wont help her anyway they never would have helped her in the first place.

She cleans up the blood,

Pulls her pants back on and

Throws on her sweatshirt. Shes

Done all the living she can for a while. Soon they will be scars.

The End

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