Just One More Day

In loneliness I have finally found a home
As I endure the agony of a relationship falling apart
Reaching out I want to hold you once more
You never knew how much you meant to me
There's a chasm forming in my heart
As I watch you walk away into the fading sunlight

I loathe the thought of waking up tomorrow
To open my eyes and know, you will never return
A storm looms in the canvas of my window
As lightning strikes I want nothing more
Than to waste away in my cold chamber
I know now, you are happier without me

I am slipping away in this self-imposed isolation
Oh I wished you could have stayed just one more day
But instead you surrendered to our estrangement
I held the death of our Love as my fault
Now you're just a blur in my spiralling life
Now you're just an epitaph of the person I once was

The End

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