"If My Heart was a House"

I was listening to my iPod last night...

I'd just gotten the Ocean Eyes album the day before.

A song came on, "If My Heart was  House" by Owl City,

and it got me thinking...


If my heart was a house you'd be home...

If my heart was a house,

I'm not sure what it would be.


To some people, maybe it would be home.

I welcome them all the time, with open arms and a smile.

They live here, and I love them.


Maybe to others it would be a bed-and-breakfast.

They come when they feel like it,

Take some shelter and fuel,

Then take off again.


To a select few, it would be a fortress.

They're on the outside,

and I can't let them in.

They look to take down the fortress.


Do some see a violent dog on the lawn?

Maybe that's why some people are slow to knock on the door.

I promise he won't bite if you're good.


If my heart was a house...

Well, I guess you have to choose if it will be home.


The End

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