Fast to Fight

I'm fast to fight.

I'm irritable and easy to annoy.

I always stand back up when someone thinks they can take me down.


Disagree with me?

Are you trying to change my mind?

Be careful;

With a few sharp words and the right eyes, I'll change yours.


Hold on, boy.

What are you trying to do?

Really? Well, you might want to think again.

I won't let you without a punch or kick on my side.


Picking on my friends?

Loyalty is my best quality.

I'll fight for them as much as myself.

Don't think just because I wasn't in the start I won't be in the end.


Don't worry,

I'm not going to hunt you down.

I don't attack without your first move.

I prefer to let you start the fight so I can end it.


My fuse is long,

But that doesn't mean it won't burn up quickly.

Think twice before getting in my way.

The more you do, the shorter my fuse with you will be.


Maybe you should think about it before ticking me off?

Fifteen long years,

and I haven't lost a fight with anyone.

Whether it be an argument or defense of friends or myself.


I'm quick.

You won't see it coming.

I give no warnings.

I won't bark before I bite.


I'm fast to fight.

I never lose.

Watch your step,

Because I'm watching it as well.


The End

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