I Hate You, Without Reason

I hate.

I hate you.

I hate life.

I hate everything.


I just hate.

I don't know why.

I hate that I don't know.


Just go away.  Everything go away.

I don't want to do this anymore.

I just want to sit down and breath.


I hate you so much.

Like fire hates ice.

Like the sun hates the clouds.


I hate everything.

I just do.

Quit asking why.


Maybe I'm just having a bad day.

Maybe I'm just grumpy.

Maybe the sky is pink-polka dotted.

I'll go check.

Well, it's not.


I hate you so much.

It's unfair of me, I know.

But trust me,

You probably deserve it.


I hate you.

Just, get out of my life.

I don't feel like dealing with you anymore.

I hate you so much.


I'm sorry I'm bitter.

The End

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