I hate vacations.

I hate weekends.

Too much time, full of nothing.


I need the rest, I know I do.

Without them, I don't know how

I would get through everything.


But I overthink way too many things.

Life plays itself over in my mind,

Like a broken record.


Things that have happened,

Over and over and over.

And my mind plays them over so much,

I can't control it!


Like CDs

If you replay memories too much,

they becomes scratched.


Things change,

and I end up overthinking.

Old reality  becomes edited movies.


What did he mean by that?

What if I'd done it another way?

Does she really feel that way?


Why did she give me that look?

Did they take the joke too seriously?

What if he meant what he said?


I overthink everything

in this empty time.


No work, no school,

Becomes empty time.

Empty time becomes thoughts.

Thoughts become worries.

Worries become anxiety.

Anxiety eats at me,

and I hate hate hate

All this free, empty time.


What would be good memories,

Now bruised by all my thinking and worrying.

Overthinking changes everything.

The End

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