Music is Writing Without a Pen

Just hanging out.

Nothing to do.

No one to see.


I enjoy music.

It's like reading,

but I can close my eyes and relax.

I hear the colors.

I feel the energy in every word.

It's escape without effort.


So I sit back and close my eyes.

Let the singers and music fill the world.

I forget all things, good and bad.


I can never get sick of a good song.

It can go over and over and over,

and I will only sing louder and louder.


Why not sing with me?

This is pleasure at it's best.

Let's forget the world and run away.


Music is as life-sustaining as blood.

It flows through my veins,

It makes me move and smile and laugh.


No, I can't play an instrument.

I can't sing well either,

But does that matter?


I laugh,

I cry,

I sing and I dance.


Music is writing without a pen.

It's the poor man's gold.

It keeps me going when I'm down.


So there's nothing to do.

I have no one to see, no one to talk to.

I'm going to turn on the radio and listen.


The End

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