Still Here

I give up.

You're not going anywhere

Anytime soon.


You're still my life.

All the time.

I think about you





I should stop focusing my energy

On trying to get you gone.

You're still in my head,

Still in my heart.

You've planted your roots,

and you're not coming out.


No matter what I'm doing,

Who I'm with,

You're still here.


Even last night,

I was out ice-skating,

In the city, seeing the lights,

I was out walking,

In the park, seeing the decorations,

Listening to the music,

Being with my friends and family,

Having fun.


Each time I let my mind wander

Each time I let my guard down,

there you were.

In my mind, in my heart,

Taking the place of the nighttime.


No matter how I tried to pull my mind away,

You wouldn't leave.

The fun all ended.


You're still here.

I can't get rid of you.

You're my life,

although I may not be yours.

You're in my heart,

But I'm not in yours.

Why can't I accept that?

The End

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