Thinking About You

I sit here

and think about you.

And absolutely nothing else.


Why are you on my mind?

Haven't you made it clear that we cannot even be friends?

Haven't I?


This makes no sense.

I don't think it ever will.


I just don't understand.

Why do I know you  want me gone,

Out of your life for good,

and I still have to have you in my life?


I've even said it a thousand times:

I want to be friends.

I want to be more than that.

But I'll let you choose what we are.


And you always say,

"Just friends."


Don't lie to me anymore.

I know you too well for that.

You don't care.


Since I've been gone,

Since I've been quiet,

You've seemed happier.


I'm happy that you're happy.

But I'm still going to cry over you.

That will never change.


I don't know why I think of you.

I don't know why I need you.

Don't ask why.

I just do.

The End

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