All and Nil

What is it about you?

No matter what I do,

What I try,

You're what I think about

All the time.


You've there when you're not,

You've a say in everything

That you don't even know about.

You are everything

that you aren't.

You tell me things,

Without even uttering.


You are

here, there, nowhere.


You know everything.

And you know nothing.


You are part of my life,

All the time,

You don't know it.


Why is that?

What is it that makes this happen?

Why is it,

Your name reaches my mind,

and then,

You're here.

A ghost, real and unreal,

Bona fide y illusory


You just happen along in my life.

It frightens me, sometimes,

that you are so much in my exsistence,

yet you don't know it.


You have control over all and nil,

You can do anything

To change my future.

You can make me or break me.

And you have no idea.


You are in control.

You are on the throne.

Don't hurt anything.

The End

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