Just a Friend

You confuse me.

One day,

You'll be my best friend.

You'll talk to me.

You'll smile and chat.


And then the next,

You'll ignore me.

You'll walk by like I wasn't saying "Hello"

You don't even look my direction.


Okay, I know,

I did some crap wrong.

I was mean.

I was cold.

But did I not appologize?

And did I not ask for forgiveness?


That's all I want...

you by my side.


I don't care about what I used to.

All I want now

Is to be your friend.


I won't ask for anything more.

I won't take anything less.

Is that so much to ask?


Do you even realize

How much it hurts me

To just want to get a smile,

even a hello,

from you,

And only get the cold shoulder?


Do you have any idea

How it feels to walk past you

and remember how it was like

When we were friends,

and know that that's not real anymore?


It's like being pierced with a poisoned arrow.

I can't pull it out.

I can't ease the pain.


Just be my friend!

Is it so much to ask?

The End

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