One Thing I Can't Have

I can have anything I want.

I can get that iPod,

I can get that new cell,

I can get my favorite album,

I can get anything.


All I need to do is ask.

That's it.

And I I'll get it.


But I don't ask for anything.

Even if I need it.

If I'm thirsty, I won't ask for water.

If I'm hungry, I won't ask for food.

If I'm tired, I won't ask for a bed.

That's just the kind of person I am.


I try not to ask for anything.

So I rarely ever do.

And I'm thankful for what I have.


But there is one thing I want,

That I just can not have.

I'm dying to ask for it.

I'm dying to have it.

But I can't.

Because some girl already holds him.

The End

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