"Just Heed"Mature

A perspective on the alienated society we live in alongside organised religion and how the two are linked in negative ways.

Down the same forgotten track I tread,
I weave, I repeat and foolheartidly belive in perfection,
but alas my minions, it's not ever to be again,
for the fate hath conspired to prevent all blessings to pass,
in this shit stinking bog so-called planet
the poison spreads, infects and twists us all,
as the belief in perfection is polluted by them such as you,
no human nature left to give, the singular becomes God,
the degenerate society forgets how to forgive
and no help is forthcoming from my brothers and sisters,
instead I'm left in the gutter, another virus to destroy,
unacceptable is perfection for we are all scum,
heed my words o gorgeous individual
for we shall destroy all the once was
simply for the satisfaction of mocking our lessers,
of neglecting our elders and degrading our equals,
pass on some wisdom, embrace empathy and enjoy the moment,
it's a shame to lose it all for the sake of a falsity,
dissilusion is the greatest idol humanity has ever worshipped.

The End

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