Just Given Up

A poem I wrote a few months ago. I am just hoping for some feedback :) x

In her darkest hours,

In her room alone,

In the corner, She Cowers,

Overpowered, By shadows within,

Not knowing where she belongs.

She hides crying in the dark,

Blood running from her wrists, And face,

Denying her worth, Trying to cover her mark,

Bloody artwork on the floor, Like lace,

This is her time, Her space.

Laying her body to the floor,

Silently crying, Absorbing the pain,

Arms stretched, She reaches for the door,

Failing to touch it, Herself she has slain,

Her mother in ruins as the last drop drains.

A message, On the mirror,

"It's not your fault mum, I love you,

I'm sorry for all the pain,

Look after my little sister mum,

Raise her well, Raise her true,

I'm at peace mum, I'll wait here for you".

Her mother cries out, Little sister walks in,

Trauma hits her, Seeing it with her own eyes,

Just 4, Barely begun, She's watching big sister die,

Big sister draws her last breath, "I love you",

Little sister's a depressive shell, She's ruined.

The End

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