Just For You

This knife is getting sharper now.

With every strike of the blade my soul is divided.

Smaller and smaller the peices of me are now.

All of the larger segments are with you, in your pocket.

There is a door beween us, I can't seem to unlock it.

The key you gave me doesn't seem to fit as it once did,

perhaps it never did really fit, I'd like to think so.

Why would I delight in that? Well...I distroyed the lock ;

I broke it ,undid the screws, loosened its grip on our door,

what choice did you have but to change the lock I broke?

It will never be the same as it was before.

I find no humour in this, but you are light hearted.

Can we go back to where we started?

You don't think so. I would just break you again.

Like a china doll in my hands, I smashed you,

every peice scattered, you were right to dismiss me

I thought you'd never resist me.

But you did, you have. This is your resistance.

I'll never forget the way you opened your door to me.

That door, the one that didn't shut me out.

The one in your heart I can't live without.

So I suppose this is my statement, my cause, my end.

Althought our love won't be the same again.

I'll fight Goliath and all my personal giants for you.

I'd change my name, remove a leg, there's nothing I'll say no to.

You are my numero uno. My best companion.

My only thing that keeps me standing.

I'll go to Hell, Atlantis, Heaven too.

I'd cross every damn sea,



Just for you.




The End

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