A tribute to the lamb(for you blessed us all)

Back to when the godfather of old men ate the ghastly dish;

from small things, springs big problems

From a serpent's tongue, man fell down.

From a lambs heart, ah a fresh start! 


Oh hear the call, oh camp of Calvary.

Novel testaments, perfumed with passion.

Taste thou pangs, name it blasphemy.

Suffered no soul, more sorrow the fashion. 


Oh rise, the lamb of Calvary!

heights beyond precedence, for sins he bore

entrusted me; thy eternal family

sin he not yet my sins he wore.


Oh we hail the lamb of  Calvary!

Till we reach the golden strand.

Through the cross to know true chivalry,

receiving it from the lords own hand.


Saved by grace, baptized by faith, all for the ghastly dish.

From small things, faith begins.

A kind that never falters, withers not;

nor thinks of such a thing. 


























The End

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