Give me a pen and i'll set fire to this page

Thank you;

God dislikes devils, devils dislike humans and man loves sin.

Rejoice the hate ends;

Sin strangles the soul, locks it in a cage

no better than a lion's den; 

God is foreign and death is near, scythe hidden in the gown of spring.

Winter reaps;

Take a heap of  dirt, throw it on the coffin, say a prayer for the sinner.

The lion roars;

God is God of the living, not of the dead full-stop!

I'm not finished ,revelations.

Setting fire to this page, feel the rush of your blood like nitroglycerin.

The epinephrine high, get hyped for the word,


for God is merciful, values his word above his name.

so prophets set fire to pages for generations 

and they did it with no rhyme, no time; a miracle.

where poetry fails, scripture prevails;

and still he sent the boy in a manger.

to his mother man was a stranger

find that funny bone(humerus);

he came, he lived, he preached, he died; crucified on Calvary

for nothing more than our sins

and still the Lamb lives

Take you back to when the godfather of old men ate the ghastly dish,

that started the whole ordeal. 

From small things, sprang big problems

from a serpents tongue, man fell down

from a lambs heart, ahh! a fresh start.

The End

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