Just Be Natural

uhm, i wrote this awhile back...like maybe a year or two ago for my bestfriend. like me she is a writer, well im more of a poet i guess, but she deals with some serious self-image issues. so i wrote this for her and just yea c:

this one's for you. jadealia <3 your beautiful darling c:

sun shines throuh your open window heart,

the stars gleam in your knowing eyes.

the moon's incandescence glitters forever

on your iridescent skin.

your breath is the wind,

and every sigh sends me sailing across the channel of your lips.

your shoulders hold the world,

your hand, every heart.

your wrists hold a story untold.

you are beauty in the most natural state,

sepia and greens,

rainbows and the blues,

you are nature at its finest,

darling, you are you. <3

The End

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