Just another teachingMature

Just a little something for the people that look away when ever I'm reciting my poetry, Those that hate the truth #TheNegativeOnes

Like all the rest, this is just another teaching...See, all my poems may be based on my feelings but you'd be a fool, you'd be a fool to walk around saying they taught you not a single thing  #I MEAN

Yeah I'm just a 17year old boy who you look down on because of your ignorance, vagueness and lack of humanity, but HONESTLY. If you keep rebuking me because of my ability to speak the TRUTH ,which seems to affect you in some kind of way then I'd really like to see you lie your way through life

because out of all seriousness, YOU can keep living a lie but brother YOU will never be the winning CAKE because there is nothing sweet with being FAKE. And at times it may seem all soo cool but see, if there is#1 thing that hurts the most is being slapped by REALITY

SO PLEASE...replace the vanity with intellect, and allow yourself to  LEARN before you can TEACH!

The End

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