just another rumination upon the future

recurring themes in my poetry i've got to get rid of:

1. depression/bipolar
2. biology/human organs/blood
3. blackbirds/bluebirds/songbirds/canaries
4. goddammit am i a poet

the color of your backpack
screams in my face -it's red,
the color i bleed when i fall

lately it's been like
a black-covered ninja trying to write study notes
in the corner of a mosque

my cat stares at me -
he doesn't care about anything
but the food in his bowl tomorrow night

because one day, it will be 
nothing but creases and 
look at my youth

one day the world will forget about me,
and i will fade - my tombstone will wear away
and the generations will let me go

and sunlight dances 
as though it is a young woman in the forties
wearing a party dress

someday i'll be in university
and then out
and the world can no longer refuse to listen

someday i will have a voice
and everyone will know - 
my lungs are back. 

The End

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