Just Another Girl

A quick glance up

as she passes by

she's just another girl

Her bright brown eyes

shining in the sun

the breeze gently carrying

her strawberry blonde hair

And maybe you'll stare at her 

for a second or two

but then you'll lose interest

and you will look away

but what if

you could look deeper

and delve into her heart

you'll see the shadows beneath her eyes

so well hidden beneath the make-up

you'd see the bruises

she covers under the sleeves of her shirt

the throbbing scars 

that scatter all over her body

You would see the tear stain trails

that run down her cheeks

smoothing out a valley

of a broken heart's words

You would be able to see

the darkness in her soul

the night that she so desperately tries to hide

with a flickering flame from a candle

And you would feel the pain

the anger and the depression 

that covers her existence like a blanket

a deadly prison to her tainted mind

Your eyes would see

the demons that surround her

clawing at her clothes

drawing blood in an agonizing slowness

You would see the battles she wages

in the hell of her essence

but you can't see it

she hides it so well

and so she's just

another girl.

The End

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