Just An Extra

Just a poem.

Just an extra;
Just a pawn;
When she dies, she'll just respawn.

Just a girl
Of whom has sworn
To let herself, her heart, be torn. 

Just the role
With lots to say;
Wishing she could fade away.

Just the one
Who sees in grey;
Hating waking up each day.

Just the knight;
Protects his queen,
But any other day, unseen.

Just the maid
Who keeps things clean;
In plays she's kept out the scene. 

Just an extra;
Just a knight;
Just a girl;
She's alright.

We don't care
For extra parts;
They don't matter
In our hearts.

She's just an extra,
Let her frown.
Let's ignore
Her breaking down. 

The End

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